Snobs…they are everywhere.  Perhaps it’s safe to say that the classroom is the breeding ground on which they thrive, especially considering how most of the characters adults live with are cultivated right early in life. And here is the agreeable fact; snobs can be pains in the a**! Truly, having them as mates can be quite as distressing! If you’ve ever been a student in a school here snobs attend, chances are that you’ve had to face very sinister-acting teenagers on a daily basis. These teenagers give off the rude aura which tries to make you think they are supposedly better than you. Their behaviour tells you to go and die just because they don’t think you are qualified to belong in the same group as they, or even talk to them as a matter of fact. They judgmental attitude is usually based on the fact that you don’t live in the same deluxe part of town as they do or simply because your parents do not have quite as much money as theirs do. Their general snobbery and bullying can cause others lose their self esteem and in so doing, potentially self-distraught. But not to worry, because I’ve got several means through which you can successfully handle extremely proud and snobbish teenagers. Read on, please…


DO NOT LET THE SNOBBERY TO GET TO YOU: Snobbery works best only when the victim agrees to be inferior! Therefore, the best way not to let a snob get to you is to…oh well never let them! But mind you, you cannot get a snob off your back by simply being snobbish in return because that more or less makes the snob feel like s/he has to get better at being snobbish to you. Instead, choosing to totally ignore a snob works immense wonders in letting them off your back. By the time s/he tries to snob you on more than one occasion without getting a response, s/he will mind

[their] business. Just to reiterate, ignore them. Care less about their possessions or beauty or whatever, because the more they notice that you are interested, the more they start being mean. That’s how snobbery works…

UNDERSTAND THAT SNOBS ARE GENERALLY INSECURE: Just like all narcissist, snobs are live very insecure lives. On the outside, their lives may seem perfect, but inside of them they are just tormented by their insecurity and are always looking out to make someone else feel miserable. Recognizing this and bearing it in mind may even make you feel pity for them other than allow their mischievous little ways get to your skin.

DO NOT ACT ON THE INFERIORITY IMPULSES THAT ARE EASILY TRIGGERED BY THE SNOB: Now here is the truth- a snob can really try to get under your skin. [They] seem to have mastered the art of infesting everybody with their insecurities. As such, the chances of them triggering your inferiority impulse (which all of us have) abound. But then again, with the few things you’ve learnt about snobs and their own insecure lives, it behooves of you to never allow any snob to get under your skin. He or she knows that the moment [they] succeed in making you feel inferior, then they have worn. So now that you know this, never let them make you feel inferior! In other words, do not try to meet up with the unspoken demands they expect of you. You are perfect just the way you are.

BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE: By now you should have known that the only way snobbery works is when the snob successfully makes you feel less than what you’re worth. But when you are confident of yourself and very proud f who you are as a person, hardly can anyone make you feel less. So be proud of yourself and never allow anybody make you feel less of what you are worth.