Whether at home, school or the office, these daily-used items seem

[superficially] clean even though they are very dirty. As a matter of fact, they are referred to as bacteria havens. Yet, we feel comfortable using them, possibly because we are used to them or just because we just tend to not associate them with dirt. They are everyday items after all; we’re very much used to them. Unfortunately, they way we freely use them contribute to the number of times we fall sick. It’s important to take note of these objects and be mindful of how they are used. And mind you, some of these objects will really surprise you!

THE TOILET SEAT: You probably already know that the toilet is a place where all sorts of bacteria (and sometimes virus) thrive. It doesn’t matter whether it is always sparkly clean or rotten; microorganisms must always be present. Some of them are dangerous while others aren’t quite as dangerous. And considering that you always make contact with the toilet especially when you sit your butt on the toilet seat, it’s important to ensure that the place is kept neat and sanitized (disinfected) at all times. Also ensure to properly wash your hand each time you use the toilet. That way, you keep yourself protected against those bacteria, especially the harmful ones.

THE REMOTE CONTROLLER: One of the things teenagers like to do is to grab the remote controller and turn on the TV as soon as they are back from the school. I know this very well because my younger ones do it all the time. And when they are not using it, someone else in the house is. The things, everybody is always touching the remote controller. And never does it get sanitized…year in year out. So you see- the remote is a bacteria hub. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of infection, it’s important to try cleaning the remote controller every now and then. There are a couple of germicidal wipes that could serve this purpose.


YOUR LAUNDRY: Most germs thrive in warm, moist places such as wet laundry, especially when left in the water unwashed for more than half an hour. And here is to have your mind boggled- every dirty underwear contains about a gram of germs. When you have multiple of such soaked in water for long, you are literarily exposing yourself to germs. Therefore, ensure that you wash your clothes almost as quickly as you put them in the water.

MONEY: We all love money and would eagerly lay our hands on them regardless of where they are coming from. And here is one thing most people know very well- money exchanges hands a lot. And in the course of it exchanging hands, it accumulates lots of bacteria. But then we can’t help touching it. We must buy stuff and collect change. But whereas it is inevitable to touch money and its companion the germ, it’s important for everybody to always wash their hands, especially after you’ve been to the market or dragged change from the bus conductor.


DOOR KNOBS: Do not be surprised that the door knob is on this list. After all, there are so many dirty hands touching it throughout the day. I mean, there are even people who do not wash their hands after using the toilet; and of course they too must touch the doorknob! But then what can we do; we must all touch the door knob. But then there is a way we can all limit the amount of germs on doorknobs and its possibility to infest us- people should wash their hands as often as possible.


MOBILE PHONES: Would you be surprised if I told you that your mobile phone is filthier than the toilet seat we earlier talked about? Of course you would be! But then again just to have your mind boggled, your phone is indeed dirty. Maybe this is because you are always touching it, fiddling with it with your equally dirty hands. More so, the phone is never washed. Therefore, the germs just accumulate. Interestingly, we all think it is very neat, so we hold it close to the ears to answer phone calls and sometimes even make the mistake of putting it in the mouth. Ewwww!!!

Wash your hands, keep your surrounding clean at all times and be healthy.