Civic Education, SS 1, Week 5

Topic: Responsible Parenthood


  1. Meaning of Responsible parenthood
  2. The qualities of responsible parenthood
  3. Factors to be considered in choosing a partner
  4. Basic concept in responsible parenthood
  5. Duties of responsible parenthood

Meaning of Responsible Parenthood

A responsible parenthood is simply defined as the “will” and ability of parents to respect and do the needs and aspirations of the family and children.

It is the ability of a parent to detect the need, happiness and desire of the children and helping them to become responsible and reasonable children. It is the ability of a parent to meet and cater for the needs of the family and children according to his or her capability.

Qualities of Responsible Parenthood

The qualities and characteristics of responsible parenthood include the following:

  1. Marriage to the right partner: the first process that will lead a person into be responsible is to marry the right person. Marrying the right person will help both to become responsible and help to prevent future dispute. When mother and father lives together in love and harmony the children will also emulate such act.
  2. Ability to provide: Parents who are capable of providing for the needs of the family and their children tends to be a responsible parent. The parents should be able to provide their family’s material, physical, emotional and physiological needs in order to avoid the children from going into wrong hands because of their needs.
  3. Adoption of peaceful strategies: Responsible parenthood should adopt peaceful strategies like family viewing, going to the cinemas together as a family, family exercise etc.
  4. Emotional adjustment ability: a responsible parent should be able to detect when the parents and children and emotionally unbalanced and know how to control either of the above I order to prevent uprising of disputes and likes and likes in the family
  5. Adoption of family planning, sound knowledge of child bearing and rearing: Responsible parenthood requires parent to consider their financial capability to and plan on the number of children to give birth to so that they will be able to cater for them.

Factors to be considered in choosing a partner

To become a responsible parent; the marriage aspect is very important. The following should be considered in choosing a partner that will lead to responsible parenthood

  1. Age: Marriage is not meant for those who are not matured. To marry the man must be at least 23 years and the woman must at least be 20 years.
  2. Religion: Religion factor is very important, though in this modern age; there is inter exchange of religion but it is advisable to marry a person you share the same belief and religion with.
  3. Personality and character: In choosing a partner, the character and personality should be highly considered. Some people engaged in sinful habits, some smoke, fight, lie etc and this will not match some people’s taste.
  4. Occupation: The occupation of a person must be highly considered before going into marriage. Some people are into good professions while some are into illegal act, therefore to be a responsible parenthood the occupation of your partner must be considered.
  5. Economic Standing: The financial status and the economic standing should be considered before a good parent will give his or her child for marriage.

Basic concepts in responsible parenthood

The basic concepts in responsible parenthood are as follows:

  • Family size: Here, the number of children to bear and time to give birth to them are necessary as some parents give birth to children too frequently without proper spacing
  • Availability: A good and responsible parent should be there at all time to meet the children’s needs and be patient enough for them to approach maturity age before giving them out for marriage
  • Emotional maturity: Before a person can go into marriage, the person must be sound in mind, spirit, body and soul in order to be able to tolerate all that go with the institution of marriage like pregnancy, tolerance, care, etc.

Duties of Responsible Parenthood

Father’s Roles

The following are roles of the fathers

  1. Provision of funds: This is the first priority and duty of a father to provide the primary fund money needed by the family.
  2. Protection and defense: It is the responsibility of a father to protect and defend his family members in times of troubles of any kind
  3. Assurance of peace: It is the primary duty of a father is to ensure that unity, peace, love and harmony reign within his family
  4. Ensuring proper upbringing: It is the duty of a father is to ensure the proper upbringing of his children.
  5. Overseer of basic roles: It is the duty of the father to oversee the roles of the family members and call them to order and correction when there is need for it.
  6. Provision of basic needs: It is the duty of a father to provide the basic needs of his family such as accommodation, feeding etc

Mother’s Roles

The following are the roles of the mothers

  1. Love and care: It is the duty of the mother to show love and care to the family
  2. Training of children: It is the priority of the mother to train the children on basic household chores and help the children to be responsible.
  3. Neatness role: It is the duty of a responsible mother to ensure the house is neat and properly kept in good condition.
  4. Kitchen role: It is the duty of the mother to prepare health meals to her family and carry out any kitchen related roles for the family
  5. Support: The mother should be performing the role of a helpmeet; she should support the husband in his role. E.g. giving financial support, help the father in training the children, give advice to the husband

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