Meaning of Correspondence

For every organization, there must be an incoming and outgoing mail. Letters that come into the organization or company are referred to as incoming mail while those going out are coming outgoing mail. The volume of the incoming and outgoing mails depend on

  1. The size of the organization
  2. The nature of the business

The incoming and outgoing mails should be handled promptly and efficiently. The success of a company depends on how properly its mail is handled.

Mails come into the organization by hand, through the post or through electronic means (internet). Mail goes out of the organization or company by hand, by post or through the internet.

Types of mail

  • Incoming mails
  • Outgoing mails
  • Internet mails

Procedures for handling mails

Incoming mails

A company and its employees can perform their functions well if incoming mail are properly and efficiently treated.

Incoming mail contains the following

  1. Enquiries about the company’s activities
  2. New orders for the company’s product
  3. Cheques from customers
  4. Complaints from customers
  5. Report
  6. Information from individuals, business organizations and government

Postage Book: The postage book shows the following information about the letters posted, it contains the address, reference number, and the cost of postage.

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