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Classwork Exercise and Series (Social Studies- JSS 1): Benefits Of Cooperation

Benefits of Cooperation

A lot of things can be achieved when people work together to achieve a goal. Some of these points below are the benefits of cooperation

  1. There will be progress in the society
  2. There will be peace and absence of war.
  3. There will be harmony among the people
  4. Cooperation will make a group, organization or country attain their goals
  5. There will be meaningful togetherness
  6. There will be growth and development in the society
  7. Cooperation brings about orderliness in the society

Consequences of Non-Cooperation

Non- cooperation is the opposite of cooperation; it is a situation where people refuses to work together to achieve common goals and objectives. Some of the consequences of non cooperation are:

  1. There will be conflict in the society
  2. There will be no development
  3. There will be no progress in the society
  4. Lack of cooperation in the society leads to disorderliness.
  5. The consequences are negative.

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Test and Exercise

  1. The opposite of co-operation is (a) in-cooperation (b) over-cooperation (c) non-cooperation (d) none of the above.
  2. All of these are benefits of cooperation except (a) progress (b) peace (c) disorderliness (d) development. ans(c)
  3. The situation where people refuse to work together to achieve common interest is (a) cooperation (b) association (c) fight (d) non-cooperation.
  4. All of these are consequences of non cooperation except (a) conflict (b) harmony (c) disorderliness (d) backwardness.
  5. Cooperation will lead the country or group to fulfill their common interest. True/false.

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