Environmental Problems and Their Solutions

Man made environmental problems are caused by man, knowingly or unknowingly, as man goes about his daily activities. The problems arises as a result of the following problems which are:

  1. Air pollution: This is refers to as the contamination of the air such that it becomes dangerous to the health when it is breathed in.
  2. Water pollution: This refers to the contamination of water such as the seas, streams, lakes; this happens when pollutants are dropped into the water by man, this makes the water useless.
  3. Erosion: Erosion is the washing away of the top soil by flowing water, erosion creates deep gullies on the land and it is usually caused by man.
  4. Deforestation: This is the means by which man clears or destroys existing vegetation in a forest living the ground bare to be exposed to weather conditions.
  5. Flooding: Flooding occurs when water bodies extend beyond their banks and settle on dry land meant for humans, this happens when there is consistent rainfall or sometimes as a result of water pollution by man.
  6. Cyclone: This is a very strong wind that moves very fast in a cycle.
  7. Earthquake: This is the massive vibration in the earth’s surface that results to damages of building and other infrastructures. It is a natural environmental problem.
  8. Tornado: This is the swirling of dust particles by wind in a very violent manner. It brings about loss of lives and properties. It is also a natural environmental problem.
  9. Hurricane: This is a storm that has very strong fast winds. This storm moves over a large area and can cause great damage to lives and properties. It is a natural environmental problem
  10. Drought: This problem occurs when there is when there is no rainfall for a long period of time. Deforestation which is often caused by man can also lead to drought.

Solutions to Environmental Problems

  1. Industrial activities in urban areas should be regulated
  2. Trees should be planted to replace felled ones so as to reduce deforestation, erosion etc.
  3. Forest reserves should be created in areas of wide expanse of land.
  4. There should be proper disposal of household  or industrial waste
  5. Gutters should be constructed on major roads to reduce erosion or flood.
  6. Industrial noise should be reduced through the use of industrial noise control.

Test and Exercise

  1. All of these are types of natural environmental problems except (a) hurricane (b) earthquake (c) air pollution (d) Tornado.
  2. The type of environmental problem that comes in form of a strong wind that moves very fast is (a) earthquake (b) cyclone (c) air pollution (d) drought
  3. All of these problems are caused by man except (a) air pollution (b) water pollution (c) deforestation (d) earthquake.
  4. All of these are solutions to environmental problem except (a) creation of forest reserve (b) neglecting the problems (c) proper disposal of waste (d) industrial noise should be reduced.
  5. The washing away of the top soils by flowing water is (a) erosion (b) drought (c) flood (d) deforestation.

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