Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science- JSS1}: Family Health and Cleanliness

 Family, Health and Cleanliness

A family is a group consisting of one or two parents and their children while health is the condition of a person’s body or mind. The three levels of health are low, average and high or optimal level.


This is the state of being clean or the habit of keeping things clean. It is the practice of keeping yourself, your living and working area clean in order to prevent illness and diseases.

Personal Health: It is the practice of keeping one’s body, cloth and shoes in clean and neat condition.

Methods of Keeping Our Body Clean

·      By using soap to wash our hair everyday or whenever it is dirty, comb the hair everyday and ensure that you keep it as low as possible.

·      By cleaning the teeth. This should be done first thing every morning and at night before going to bed.

·      By washing the hands regularly before meals and after going to toilet.

·      By taking the bath twice a day with soap and sponge and rinse the body properly with water.

Methods of Keeping the Home Clean

·      By sweeping the floor everyday

·      By removing dust from them with soft damp cloth

Good Hygiene

·      We enjoy good health

·      We spend less on medical treatment

Poor Personal Hygiene

·      Leads to poor health (ill health)

·      We spend more on medical treatment

Tests and Exercises

1.    The act or practice of keeping one’s body in a clean and neat condition is called (a) Hygiene   (b) personal health (c) maintenance.

2.    Health can be categorised into …….. levels (a) 3 (b) 2(c) 4 (d) 5.

3.    The condition of a person’s body or mind is regarded to as          (a)Hygiene (b) Cleanliness (c) Personal health (d) Health

4.    The consequence of a poor personal hygiene is                 (a) Body and mouth odour (b) Enjoy good health’s (c) Germs are kept away from us (d) None of the above.

5.    The advantage of maintaining a good personal hygiene is                     

The health and happier lives (b) Diseases spread (c) It allows us spend more on medical treatment (d) None of the above.

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