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Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology- SS1}: Biology as an Inquiry in Science


Biology as an Inquiry in Science

Science can be defined as the systematic process of making enquiries about living things and non-living things in our environment.

Biology is coined from two Greek words ‘Bio’ meaning life and ‘Logos’ meaning to study. Biology can simply be defined as the study of life or the study of plants and animals.

Branches of Biology

These include;

Zoology: It is the study of animals

Botany:  It is the study of plants.

Others branches include;

Ecology: It involves the study of plants and animals in relation to their environment.

Morphology: It involves the study of external features of pants and Animals

Anatomy: It involves the study of internal structures of plants and animals.

Genetics: It is the scientific study of heredity and variation in living things.

Physiology: It involves the study of how plants and animals function.

Process or Methods of Science

It involves sequences of making enquires about an object or things under the study of science. Scientific method of sciences includes









Theory or Law

Usefulness of Science

Science has played a vital role in the area which are the listed below;

·      Manufacturing

·      Industries

·      Communication

·      Engineering

·      Transportation

·      Agriculture

·      Technology

·      Communication

·      Transportation

Tests and Exercises

1.  Biology is joined from two Latin words, which are (a) Bio and logos (b) Bio and log (c) bio and lag (d) Log and bio. Answer: Bio and logos.

2.  The study of plants and animal is relation to their environments (a) Ecology (b) genetics (c) physiology(d) Anatomy. Answer: Ecology

3.  The study animal s ……… (a) Zoology  (b) Anatomy (c) Genetic (d) biochemistry. Answer: Zoology

4.  Science is useful in the following area except (a) medicine (b) Agriculture (c) accounting (d) transportation. Answer: Accounting.

5. The following are scientific method except (a) Conclusion (b) Theory (c) Inference (d) Humanities. Answer: Humanities

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