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Classwork Series and Exercises {Government -SS2}: Electoral Commission

Topic: Electoral Commission

Electoral commission is a body responsible for organizing and conducting elections in a political system. It can also be seen as an independent and impartial body responsible for conducting and organizing all elections in a given country. It has the chairman as the head and other members of the commission. In Nigeria for example, FEDECO was the commission responsible for the 1979/83 second republic elections, NEC was responsible for the conduct of the third republics election which was aborted while INEC conducted the 1998/1999 general elections for the fourth republic and till date.

Features of an Electoral Commission

  1. It is a body responsible for organising and conducting all elections.
  2. The commission is responsible for the conduct of free and fair elections.
  3. It has the sole power of announcing election results.
  4. It has an independent and impartial electoral body.
  5. The body has a fixed tenure of office.
  6. There are resident commissioners for each states of the federation.
  7. It is a neutral body and should be non-partisan in outlook.

Functions of an Electoral Commission

  1. It registers political parties according to laid down rules and regulations.
  2. It has the sole power to organize free and fair election in a country.
  3. Eligible voters are registered by the commission.
  4. The body makes provision for necessary materials needed for elections.
  5. It does the appointment and training of electoral officers.
  6. The commission gives financial grants to political parties.
  7. They enlighten the electorates about issues involved in elections.
  8. The commission provides adequate security at the polling stations.

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  1. every responsible citizen has a right to participate in electcions. School going pupils who have attained the age of voting should go voting. Schools shoul be closed to allow administrators time to participate in elections.

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