Classwork Series and Exercises {ICT- JSS1}: Brief Description of a Computer and Monitor


Brief Description of a Computer and Monitor

Computer can simply be defined as an electronic machine that accept data (input) and processes them with the help of predefined instructions (program) and produces information (output) for various uses.Computer monitor is also regarded as Visual Display Unit.

Monitor can be defined as a device connected to the computer to display information (output) as text, images, pictures, graphics, video and animation. It is an output device.

 Visual Display Unit (VDU) or Monitor can be divided into three (3) main classes, which are as follows:

1.  Monochrome Monitor

2.  Gray scale Monitor

3.  Coloured Monitor

1.    Monochrome Monitor display one colour for text, pictures such as white, green or amber against a dark colour such as black for the background.

2.    Gray scale Monitor is also a kind of Monochrome monitor and its display between 16 and 256 different shades of gray. The shades of gray colour displayed cannot be changed.

3.    Coloured Monitor display and designed to work with video card or adapter to produce text, graphics images in different kind of colours.

Types of Coloured Monitor (VDU)

NOTE: The old Cathode-Ray Tube Monitor (A glass tube that is narrow at one end and open to a flat screen at the other end) has almost gone into extinction with the advent of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and (LED) Monitor that are currently in use in most places in the world.

1.    Coloured Graphics Adapter (CGA)

2.    Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA)

3.    Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)

4.    Super Video Graphics Adapter (SVGA)

5.    Extended Graphics Adapter (XGA)

Other Modern Monitors (VDU) are:

1.    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

2.       Light-Emitting Diode  (LED)

Tests and Exercises

  1. An electronic machine that is used to process, manipulate and store data is called________.

a.    a. Computer b. Radio c. Boot d. Machine. Answer:  Computer

  1. Computer is also regarded as __________

a.    a. TV set b. Counting set c. Visual Display Unit d. Video player. Answer: Visual display

  1. Computer monitor is regarded as what category of device?

a.    a. Output device b. Input device c. Processing device d. Writing device. Answer: output device

  1. Which of the following classes of computer monitor only display shades of gray colour?

a.    a. Coloured   b.  Gray scale     c.  Monochrome   d.  All of the above. Answer: Gray scale

  1. The classes of computer monitor that display between 16-256 colours is known as ___________

a.    a. Gray scale    b.    Coloured     c.   Monochrome    d.  None of the above. Answer: Gray scale

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