Classwork Series and Exercises {ICT- JSS3}: Application Programs/Packages


Application Programs/Packages

Application packages can be defined as the readymade software or program designed in a standardized form for solving various problems that are common to users.

They are written by users themselves or acquired from manufacturers as packages come in various format on compact disc (CD/DVD) or available on developer or manufacturers server on the internet that can be downloaded for usage at a cost or no cost.

Types Of Application Packages/Software/Program

1.    Word processing packages e.g. MS WORD

2.    Spreadsheet packages e.g. MS EXCEL

3.    Database Management System e.g. MS ACCESS

4.    Graphics packages e.g. COREL DRAWS

5.    Presentation packages e.g. MS POWERPOINT

6.    Anti-virus packages e.g. NORTON,AVAST

 Word Processing Packages

Word processing is simply the use of computer to type text, letters and various documents. It is text processing software that helps in various manipulations of texts in order to produce the desire documents. The software designed for word processing is called WORD PROCESSOR.

Examples of Word Processing Packages

·         Microsoft word

·         Word perfect

·         Word star

·         MultiMate

Some Features of Word Processing Packages

·         Text Area                 Save

·         Ruler                         Print

·         Cursor                      Mail merge

·         Copy                       Paste         

·         Underline                Centre

Spreadsheet Packages

A spreadsheet is a program or software that is made up of imaginary paper that contains information in rows and columns meant for numerical, statistical and accounting calculations.

The horizontal part of the spreadsheet is called ROW and the vertical part is called COLUMN.

The intersection of the row and the column is known as CELL

Examples of Spreadsheet Packages

·         Microsoft Excel

·         Lotus 123

·         Super cal

·         Quattro pro

Some Basic Features of Spreadsheet

·         Copy                 Save

·         Sort                    Add sum

·         Formula bar      Edit

Uses of Spreadsheet Package

·         Payroll report

·         Sales analysis

·         Inventory

·         Tax estimation

·         General ledger

·         Statistical projection

Advantages of Application Packages

1.    Acquisition of an application package is a better alternative sometimes to the development of an individual.

2.    Provides savings in programming cost

3.    Provide savings in system development cost and time

4.    It is transferable from one PC to another with ease

5.    Easy to install with instructional manual that comes with it

6.    Cheap to acquire

Disadvantages of Application Packages

1.    Maintenance may be expensive for organisational use.

2.    It is very porous in terms of security.

3.    Over dependence of its usage produces inefficient programmers.

4.    May not be compatible with some computers.

Common Sources of Application Package

1.    Computer manufacturer

2.    Software developer (Online or Software development house)

3.    Computer software vendors

Characteristics of an Application Package

1.    Stability: Package must stay for a certain period of time before it is placed out.

2.     Accuracy: Package must produce accurate result.

3.    Reliable: User must be confident in the result the package produced.

4.    Speed: Faster execution which means the package must produce information on a very high speed.

5.    Portability: Package must be easy to be transfer from one computer system to another.

6.    Storage capacity: Package must not occupy too much memory space on the computer.

Tests and Exercises

1.        Which of the following is an example of spreadsheet application package?

a.      MS Word   b.  MS Excel   c.  MS Access   d. Outlook express        Answer: MS Excel

2.      Which of the following is not an example of Application program?

a.      MS Word  b. MS Excel  c. Linux  d. MS Access      Answer: Linux

3.       One of the most  designed Application programs by system manufacturer is known as ___________

a.      Spread Sheet package b. Word processing c. Graphics d.  Window XP    Answer: Window XP

4.        Which of the following is an example of Word processing application package?

a.      MS Word   b.  MS Excel   c.  MS Access   d. Outlook express   Answer:  MS Word

5.       Lotus 123 is regarded as an example of which of the application packages.

a.      Word processing b.  Spreadsheet   c.  Communication package d. All of the listed  Answer: Spreadsheet

6.      _________ is text processing software that helps in various manipulations of texts.

a.      Word processor b.  Editor   c.  Service program   d.  Spreadsheet     Answer:  Word processor

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