Topic: Co-operation I


  1. Meaning of Co-operation
  2. Attributes of Co-operation
  3. Factors That Promote Co-operation

Meaning of Co-operation

Co-operation can be defined as the working together of two or more persons for the purpose of achieving a particular result.

It simply means two or more people working together for some purpose or a common goal. Co-operation is a very good promoter of societal value and therefore it is very important.

Attributes/qualities of co-operation

The following are the attributes of cooperation:

  1. Caring: This is a means of being attentive, protective and taking responsibility. When individual show this attribute it will be easy for them to cooperate with other people in the society.
  2. Friendship: Friendship is being able to maintain a good relationship with others. It is a mutual attachment between people. Friendship brings co-operation, peace among people.
  3. Sharing: It is the ability to give and take information or materials freely without holding anything back. It is a virtue that enhances cooperation in the society.
  4. Support: Through cooperation, weak and feeble nations or groups get support and encouragement from other strong nations.
  5. Forgiveness: Forgiveness makes groups to work smoothly without any grudge from any member of the group.
  6. Team work: This is important in everyday life. People have different skills, knowledge and abilities that could be exchange among one another.

Factors that Promote Cooperation

  1. Common needs and wants: When people discover they have common needs and goals, they will work together to achieve that which they dearly desire.
  2. Understanding: It is the ability to reason with other people, as well as share their thoughts, views, feelings and values. For cooperation to take place, individual must understand themselves.
  3. Maturity: Cooperation to a large extent requires the maturity and discipline of both parties.
  4. Empathy: This is the ability to consider ourselves as being in another person’s position and tries to imagine what they are going through or how they feel.

Test and Exercise

  1. The workings together of two or more people for the purpose of achieving a common goal is (a) association (b) cooperation (c) togetherness (d) none of the above.
  2. One of these is not an attribute of cooperation (a) caring (b) support (c) pride (d) sharing.
  3. The ability to maintain good relationship with people is (a) sharing (b) friendship (c) caring (d) support.
  4. All of these are factors that can promote cooperation except (a) maturity (b) empathy (c) understanding (d) ignorance.
  5. The ability to consider ourselves as being in another person’s position and tries to imagine what they are going through is (a) Empathy (b) maturity (c) understanding (d) common needs.