Computer Science,JSS 1, Week 4

Topic: Definition Of Computer

Computer can be described as a machine or a device that accept data under the control of a stored program in prescribed form, process data and supply the result as information in a specific form. It perform three major function such as:

  1. It accepts data
  2. It process data
  3. It supply information (output)

 Parts of Computer

These are parts of computer

Monitor: The monitor is an output device. It displays the information on the screen for the user to see what he/she is doing. The information is displayed on the screen is called softcopy. The monitor comes in different sizes such 12 inch,14inch,21inch e.t.c

Keyboard: The Keyboard is an input device. It is used to send data into the computer system for processing. : The keyboard is used to communicate with the computer. It is used to enter data into the computer in form of digits, alphabets, symbols. The keyboard has five different sections. Such as

  • function keys
  • alphanumerical keys
  • control keys
  • numerical keys
  • speed keys

System Unit: System unit is metallic box that contain the major components of the computer. It contains the heart of the computer system called the central processing unit (CPU). The central processing unit is where all the processing function takes place on the computer system.

Mouse: The Mouse is a pointing device that move object on the screen of the monitor. The mouse also can be used to give simple c command to the computer. The mouse work in conjunction with the keyboard.

Speaker: speaker is an output the project out the sound of what we do with the computer.

Printer: The printer is an output device that transform out the soft copy works we have on the computer on a printed paper.

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