JSS 1 Civic Education First Term Week 10

week 10- Human Right

Content- Meaning of Human Right

                 Types of Human Right

Human right can be defined as certain privileges enjoyed by every citizen in a country.

Human rights are the entitlement that should be given to a person and which when denied can be repossessed under law

Types of human right

  1. Civic right: Civic rights include the following
  2. Right to life
  3. Right to personal liberty
  • Right to Dignity of Human Person
  1. Right to fair hearing
  2. Political right: these are
  3. Right to vote and be voted for
  4. Right to freedom of expression and association
  • Right to Peaceful Assembly and Association
  1. Right to freedom from discrimination
  2. Economic right: These are
  3. freedom from inhuman treatment
  4. Right to trade
  • Right to Earn Income
  1. Right to own property
  2. Right to free choice of employment.

Test and Exercise

  • ————– is defined as certain privileges enjoyed by every citizens in a country (a) human right (b) inhuman right (c) human opportunity (d) inhuman opportunity. ans (a)
  • Human right can be categorized into all of these except (a) Economic (b) political (c) cultural (d) civic. ans(c)
  • Right to free choice of employment is classified under (a) political (b) civic (c) economic (d)cultural.ans (c)
  • The right to vote and be voted for is classified under (a) civic right (b) political right (c) economic right (d) none of the above. ans (b)
  • When human right is denied, it can be repossess under law. True/ false. ans (true)