Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – JSS1}: Peace

Civic Education JSS 1 Week 5

Topic: Peace


  • Peace
  • Types of Peace
  • Importance of Peace

Definition of Peace

Peace is the state of being calm and quite. It is a state or quality of living in friendship with somebody without argument. It is a state in which one is not involved in causing argument or violence. It is freedom from war.

Peace is also the ability to unite with other people’s behaviour or better still to tolerate one anther’s attitude without complaining.

Types of Peace

Types of peace are:

Positive peace: Positive peace exist when all the conflicts have been resolved and all the parties concerned are happy and satisfied. Here, there is no feeling of anger or distrust an everyone is freely interacting with everyone else. Positive peace is also known as social peace.

Negative Peace: This can also be called uneasy peace.It exists when parties in a conflict have agreed or are compelled to stop all violence. In this kind of peace, there may still be grudges and distrust but all acts of violence have stopped.

Importance of Peace

Peace is important for the following reason

  • Peace creates good environment for people to be creative  and productive , it enhances development.
  • It enables population to grow
  • It promotes unity and understanding
  • It helps to promote harmony and progress
  • It helps to promote tolerance and happiness
  • Peace ensures growth, meaningful living and advancement in any society
  • Peace inculcates the spirit of hardwork
  • Peace frees the individual from anxiety and insecurity,  thereby creating happiness.

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