Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – JSS3}: Protection of Human Right

JSS 3 Civic Education First Term Week 3

Topic- Protection of Human Right


  • Meaning of Human Right
  • Types of Human Right

Human Rights

Human rights are privileges that every citizens of a nation must enjoy. The government is the sole protector of human right, if human rights are not protected by the government, many people would abuse the rights of other people by virtue of the position of power they occupy.

Types of Human Right

Human right can be categorized into

  1. Life Right: This right is the most important right that everybody must enjoy. Everyone has the right to exist, right to life. By implication, nobody should be killed for whatever reason. Only a murderer can be killed and the murderer must have been found guilty in the court of law. Apart from this nobody must be killed. The government assures life for all the citizens
  2. Social Right: This is the right to belong to any social gathering as long as it recognized by law. This is called freedom of association. An individual has the right to speak out or express him/herself in a free assembly of people and can make a constructive and meaningful criticism.
  3. Political Right: Everyone has the right to belong to any political party and movement. Anybody at the age of 18 upward in Nigeria has the right to vote and be voted for. Nobody should be disenfranchised i.e. not allowed to vote.
  4. Economic Right: This is the right to involve in any lawful business; right to buy and sell at any legal market, right to acquire property through legal means.
  5. Cultural Right: Everyone has the right to a religion or way of life either inherited or adopts through socializing. It is the right to belief in any religious faith, dressing in a specific way or style, living in a particular kind of house or fulfilling any cultural rite.
  6. Civic Right: They are the rights that one enjoys for belonging into a civil society. Most of the other rights one enjoys are civic right like freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc.

Test and Exercise

  1. The right to vote and be voted for is classified into (a) economic right (b) social right (c) political right (d) cultural right. ans(c)
  2. The least age before a person can vote and be voted for in Nigeria is
  3. ——— are privileges that every citizen must enjoy (a) human capital (b) human chance (c) human right (d) human capacity. ans(c)
  4. The most important type of right is (a) Economic right (b) cultural right (c) political right (d) life right. ans (d)
  5. The right to freedom of assembly or gathering is (a) political right (b) cultural right (c) social right (d) economic right. ans (c)s

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