CRK JSS1 Second Term

Week 6


Bible Reference: Exodus 7 – Exodus 11


Why Did God Send The Ten Plagues?

The Children of Israel had been living in Egypt since the time of Joseph. They grew so much that the Egyptians became afraid of them and turned them into slaves. The Children of Israel cried to God and he sent them help Moses and his Brother Aaron. King Pharaoh didn’t want Israel to leave as they would have no servants again but God wanted to show his sovereignty and prove his mighty saving power to Israel and Egypt.

There are ten plagues the people of Egypt suffered before they let the Israelite go.

  1. The water of the land of Egypt was changed to blood and the water was rendered useless because no one could drink or wash with it. Ex 7:16
  2. The frogs sent by God covered the whole land of Egypt Exodus 8:1-6
  3. A plague of lice/gnat filled  the whole land and were on both man and animal Exodus 8:16-19
  4. A plague of flies  covered all Egyptians body and the whole land was full of flies. Exodus 8:20-26 but in Goshen (Israel) there was nothing, the whole land was free of flies. Exodus 8:26
  5. A plague of dying cattle, many cattle of Egyptians died but the cattle of the people of Israel of Goshen did not die so the Lord did this thing to show his power and love for his people. Exodus 9:1-6
  6. A plague of boils, the Lord commanded Moses to take soot from the furnace and he stood before Pharaoh, Moses scattered the ashes and this caused boils that broke out on all men and beast Ex: 9:8 – 12
  7. The plague of hail, the people of Egypt suffered from a storm of hail that came upon the people and beast that were outside. God commanded Moses to tell them to go into their houses, those officials (Egyptians) who feared God obeyed (Exodus 9:20) and those who didn’t were struck by the hail Ex 9:14-19.
  8. The plague of locusts, the locusts filled the whole land and ate up the plants and crops of the field. Pharaoh said the women will not go but the men alone. God caused the locust to eat everything in Egypt. Exodus 10:1-15
  9. The plague of thick darkness,there was thick darkness upon the land of Egypt for good three days. The people and beast could not go out or see anything. Exodus 10:21-27.
  10. The plague of death to every first born of the Egyptians. At mid night that the lord struck all the first born sons from Pharaoh who sat on the throne to the first born of  the captive and all the first born of the livestock in Egypt.

Therefore after the ten plagues the people of Egypt quickly allowed the people of Israel to go and worship their God.  The God of Israel can go any length to set his people free from bondage especially when they cry unto him.

God proved his mighty power in Egypt and the gospel of his power spread across the nation that even other kingdoms and nations began to fear Israel as they journeyed to the promise land.


You serve a Mighty God, call on him in times of trouble and he will save you. God listens to the cry of his children.

Trust in him always and he will be there to deliver and help you. Do not trust in other gods.

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