Classwork Series and Exercises {Geography – SS2}: Action of Wind

Geography, SS 2, Week 2

Topic: Action of Wind


  1. Action of wind in desert
  2. Characteristics of desert
  3. Action of wind erosion
  4. Features of wind erosion in the desert

The action of wind is dominant in desert and other semi arid regions of the world. Desert which are associated with aridity (dryness) are caused by low rainfall, high temperature, cold current and high evaporation rate.

Characteristics of Desert

  1. Deserts do experience extreme high temperature during the day and extreme low temperature at night
  2. Deserts do experience low rainfall due to cold currents blowing them
  3. Deserts do lack dense vegetation cover in deserts because of low rainfall
  4. Deserts do experience high evaporation temperature due to he fact that there is high rate of temperature
  5. Deserts do experience cold currents.

Action of Wind Erosion

Wind erosion is carried out in the following ways:

  1. Deflation: This is the lifting and blowing away of loose sand and pebbles by wind. Deflation results in the lowering of the land surface to form large depression called deflation hallows
  2. Abrasion: This is the process whereby sand particles carried by wind are used to blast or wear away rock surfaces as in rock pedestal, zeugen and yandang
  3. Attrition: This is the process whereby wind borne particles collide with one another, resulting in the wearing away of each other. This result in reduced and rounded sizes of the particles.

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