Home Economics JSS1

Week 9



  • Cosmetics and Deodorants
  • Importance of Make-ups and Cosmetics
  • Uses of Cosmetics


Cosmetics are make-ups used in improving natural features, while deodorants are used to take out of perspiration.


Cosmetics can be classified into two major groups namely:

1.  Traditional or Indigenous Cosmetics: These are naturally occurring cosmetics. Some of them were used in the past to improve appearance. They include:

  • Tiro (Yourba), Tanjere (Igbo), eye make-up (English): It can be grinded into very smooth black powder. It is applied as an eye liner using a very special thin stick reserved for the purpose.
  • Camwood powder (English), Osun (Yoruba): This is reddish in color. It can be made into a paste by mixing powder with little water and palm oil. It can be used on the face and the entire body. It is said to have a smoothening  effect on the skin
  • Efun (Yoruba), Nzu (Igbo): This is a local chalk. It can be made into a fine powder and applied in the face and body. It is used mostly during rites and rituals

2.  Modern/Imported Cosmetics: those are cosmetics that are produced with the available materials in our society. They are mostly moved from other countries to our own country i.e

  • Cleansing cream
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant
  • Skin tonic
  • Moisturizer
  • Foundation cream e.t.c

DEODORANTS: These are substances which can applied to skin to prevent color from forming on the body when a person sweats. Body odor is commonly caused by sweating or perspiration under the arms or in the arm pits. They are different types of deodorant such as roll-on, spray or powder types.

ANTIPERSPIRANTS: These are special products or astringents that reduce the amount of perspiration a person secretes for several hours.


  1. Remove unsightly hair under your arm pits
  2. Wash your armpits thoroughly during bath
  3. Apply deodorants lightly according to type e.t.c


  1. They are used to improve natural feature
  2. They can be used to hide a person’s poor or undesirable feature
  3. Some make-ups can help protect the skin
  4. When properly used, they can make one look more attractive
  5. Some can be used as treatment for skin problems like pimples e.t.c


  1. Body creams, pommels and lotions are  rubbed into the skin to protect it from dryness
  2. Hair make-up: Used for beautifying and protecting the hair
  3. Eye brow pencils, mascara, eye shadows are used to bring out our beauty
  4. Toilet soaps, bath jellies and liquid are used in washing off dirt from the skin
  5. Nail polish or vanish: To bring out the beauty of our toe and hand nails
  6. Powders for beautifying and protecting the face and the body

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