Home Economics JSS2

Week 4



The functional areas of the home should be kept clean always. Furniture should be arranged for easy flow of traffic in the room. Piece of furniture should be balanced on opposite walls. The largest pieces of furniture should be placed on the largest wall space.


Daily cleaning

  1. Open the doors and windows for air to flow into the room. Empty trash can
  2. Sweep the floor and dust all surfaces
  3. Arrange furniture, newspaper and cushions properly

Weekly cleaning

  1. Sweep the floor, take out all small pieces of furniture and clean them.
  2. Remove cob webs, clean windows,  clean and polish the large pieces of furniture in the room
  3. Replace all pieces of furniture neatly


Daily cleaning

  1. Open the windows and sweep the floor. Clean the table with piece of cloth, wring out in warm soapy water
  2. Dust the furniture and put fresh flowers.

After meal cleaning

  1. Clear the table and remove pieces of food.
  2. Sweep off all pieces of food on the floor.
  3. Clean the tables.
  4. Arrange the chairs neatly.

Weekly cleaning

  • Follow the procedure for the weekly cleaning of the sitting room.
  • Clean the table mats, table covers and napkins thoroughly.


Daily cleaning

  1. Sweep and mop the floor.
  2. Wash dirty plates
  3. Clean the sink and the draining board.
  4. Empty the dustbin

Weekly cleaning

  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Sweep out the food store
  3. Scrub the floor
  4. Empty and scrub the dustbin


There are different types of toilets and bathrooms i.e. modern and traditional, they require care and cleaning. Traditional bathroom is often found in one-room apartments where people share toilet and bathroom

Care of Modern Bathroom

  1. Open the windows, sweep the floor, wash the bath tub and hand basin with soft sponge
  2. Take towels out in the sun. rinse the bath-tub and mop up any water splashes on the floor

Care of Modern Toilet

  1. Open the window and sweep the room. Flush the toilet
  2. Lift the seat and sprinkle toilet cleaner such as harpic inside the bowl
  3. Scrub the bowl with toilet brush
  4. Mop the floor and supply fresh toilet paper if necessary

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