Home Economics JSS2

Week 5



A one-room apartment is a single room that is used as a bathroom, dining room, sitting room, study and sometimes kitchen, all at the same time.

Reasons for choosing One-room Apartment

  1. Lack of money to rent a flat
  2. Scarcity of adequate housing
  3. Family size: A single person can prefer one-room apartment to a flat
  4. Personal needs

Arrangement of One-room apartment

  1. Ensure proper ventilation
  2. Do not overcrowd the room with furniture
  3. Place items of furniture in such a way to ensure (i) easy movement in the room (II) easy cleaning of the room
  4. Use room divider to screen the sleeping area
  5. Use proper food storage facilities


  1. Draw the curtains, open the door and windows to air the room
  2. Dust all furniture
  3. Make the bed
  4. Arrange all pieces of furniture neatly
  5. Tidy up cooking utensils and dishes after meal preparation and service
  6. Tidy up the food preparation area
  7. Put fresh flower if necessary

Weekly Cleaning

  1. Open the doors and windows to air the room
  2. Remove the curtain strip the bed
  3. Take the mattress out in the sun, shake properly and leave to air
  4. Take all small piece of furniture, clean each according to type
  5. Sweep down walls, ceilings, doors and windows. Clean each according to type
  6. Clean any ornaments and picture
  7. Clean the bed thoroughly
  8. Clean the floor according to type
  9. Bring in the mattress and make the bed
  10. Clean the flower vase according to type and put in fresh flowers and water


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