JSS 1 Social Studies First Term Week 5

Topic: Social Organization


  1.                Types of Social Group
  2.                The Primary Groups
  3.                Characteristics of the Primary Group.
  4.                 The Family as a Primary Group

Types of the major social groups are:

  1. The Primary Group
  2. The Secondary Group


The members of a primary group are people who are very close, people who are closely related. Such members often remain close for a very long time, usually for life.

Members of this group usually have a strong feeling of belonging together. They share common emotional experiences and aspirations. Examples of primary groups are families, peer groups, age grades and kinship groups.

Characteristics of Primary Groups

  1. Primary group is usually small in size
  2. Members enjoy a permanent relationship
  3. Members are loyal to one another
  4. They enjoy intimacy and cooperation
  5. There is usually face to face interaction

The Family as a Primary Group

The family is the group of people related by blood, birth or marriage. It is the basic unit of social group. It is the primary group with great importance to the individual and society.

Kinds of Families are

The nuclear family and the extended family

The nuclear family: This is the family made up of the father, mother and their children. A nuclear family can be monogamy if the father married just one wife and can be polygamous if the father marries more than one wife.

The extended family: The extended family consists of the father, mother and children as well as some other relations such as uncles, cousins, aunts, grandparents, etc. living together in one house or compound; it is referred to as communal living.

The Kinship as a Primary Group

Kinship group indicates family ties or relationship which can be in form of blood ties or marriage ties. A person’s kinsman is his or her relation. The basis of kinsmen rest on three things which are: common ancestors, marriage ties and adoption.

The Age Group as Primary Group

The age group is a group that consists of people of the same age or age bracket coming together to achieve a common goal.

Functions of Age Group in the Society are:

  1. They ensure security of the community.
  2. They are sometimes responsible for keeping the town clean
  3. It unites the whole town or village through its activities
  4. Sometimes they make laws that govern the society.

Test and Exercise

  1. The groups where the people have a close relationship for a long period of time is (a) secondary group (b) primary group (c) Tertiary group (d) none of the above.
  2. The group that consists of the same age or the same age bracket is (a) kinship group (b) family group (c) kin relationship (d) age group.
  3. All of these are characteristics of primary group except (a) usually in small size (b) members are very loyal to one another (c) They enjoy a permanent relationship (d) Its usually in a large size.
  4. ———– is a group of people related by blood, birth or marriage (a) family (b) marriage (c) age group (d) kinship group.
  5. The two kinds of family are (a) monogamy and polygamy (b) nuclear and extended (c) monogamy and nuclear (d) polygamy and extended. https://passnownow.com/classwork-support/