Home Economics JSS2

Week 7



A Family house is a building in which members of the house live together. There are several areas in a family house.

The functional areas of a family house are used for different purposes. The functional areas include kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, sitting room, dining room, laundry room (optional).

Sitting room: It is used to receive and entertain visitors. The family relaxes and watches Television here. Precious collections are displayed on the étagère in the sitting room. Sometimes parties and meetings are held in the sitting room

Dining room: This is where the family and visitors eat their meals.

Bedroom: This is where people sleep, keep valuables and dress up.

Bathroom: This is where family members take their bath


In the family house, there are various types of surfaces. Surface in this context refers to the floors, walls and ceilings in the house.

The surfaces need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. The Equipment used to maintain the family house are vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper, broom, mop, scrubbing brush e.t.c while materials used are soap, abrasives, detergents, bleach and disinfectant. All surfaces are swept and dusted daily.

Tiled, wooden, cement and terrazzo floors are mopped and scrubbed weekly while carpets, rugs and heavy curtains are vacuumed monthly.

Household waste is disposed off daily. The surroundings are kept clean by cutting grass around the house and by preventing stagnant water from collecting around the house. Broken furniture and fixtures (tap, sinks, door handles e.t.c) are repaired regularly.

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