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Effects Of Lack Of Contentment

JSS 1 Civic Education

Topic: Contentment

Content – Meaning

                Attributes of contentment

                Importance of contentment

                Effects of lack of contentment


Contentment simply means a state of being happy and satisfied with what one has. A contented person is not always going above the law to possess riches but satisfied with the one he/she is able to get.Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind. Colloquially speaking, contentment is a state of having accepted one’s situation and is a form of happiness. Contentment means being satisfied with one’s possessions, status or situation, though they might be insignificant.

 A contented person is a one who realizes that contentment starts from the inside with a satisfied mind and a cheerful heart. A contented person is one who is satisfied with who they are, what they are and are not looking or demanding for more. In moral sciences, the word ‘contentment’ is used to mean the opposite of greed or excessive and rapacious desire. The trait of contentment causes man to suffice to the amount he needs and to avoid craving for more. In fact, contentment is a feeling of calm and active happiness. Somebody who is content does not feel the need to put forth any effort into achieving something because he or she is satisfied with his portion.

Contentment is not about getting what you want but appreciative and satisfied with the one you have gotten.

Attributes of Contentment

  1. Hatred for greed: Greed is the desire for more than what a person needs or can afford to have. A contended person will hate greed.
  2. Satisfaction: Satisfaction is being contended and act of deriving joy in what a person has. A contended person will be satisfied with whatever he/she has.
  3. Humility: A contended person is usually humble, does not brag with whatever he/she has.
  4. Shuns envy: Envy is the act of getting something by all means. e.g. Mr. Ade has a house in Ajah while Mr. B lives in a room and parlor at Mushin, the desire of Mr. B to have his own house at Ajah by all means which may even lead him to killing Mr. A or stealing money is envy. Therefore a contended person shuns envy.

Importance of Contentment

  1. It helps to eliminate jealousy and envy in people
  2. It leads to peaceful and developed society
  3. It promotes tolerance in the country
  4. It reduces the feelings of inferiority among the people
  5. It gives a person a peaceful heart

Discontentment is actually the state of experiencing dissatisfaction, unhappiness, restlessness, greediness and disgruntlement.

Effects of Lack of Contentment

  1. It leads to corruption
  2. It makes a man greedy
  3. It results into envy and jealousy
  4. It can lead into prostitution
  5. it leads into cheating
  6. It can also lead to theft
  7. Dissatisfaction and unhappiness can lead to depression

Test and exercise

  1. A state of being happy and satisfied with what one has is (a)integrity (b)selflessness (c)honesty (d)contentment.ans(d)
  2. One of these is not the attribute of contentment (a)shun envy (b)satisfaction (c)bribery (d)humility.ans (c)
  3. Contentment is important because (a)it makes a person jealous (b)it create opportunity for stealing (c)It gives a person peaceful heart (d)it is an opportunity to kill.ans ( c)
  4. Lack of contentment can lead to (a)theft (b)corruption (c)love (d)prostitution
  5. Contentment is a good value everybody must possess true/false.ans (true)

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