How to Become Your Teachers’ Favourite Student

1. Keep up with your school work. Teachers hate nothing more than having to force students to do their homework and see the kids’ eyes roll (that can sometimes be insulting). If you really want to be a teacher’s favourite, do extra work or put extra effort into all of your work. Who knows, you may even get extra credit for it! Show interest in the subject your teacher is teaching.

2. Always make sure that your teachers feel like they have been missed. For example, a teacher has been off sick for a while, just come up to them and have the courage to say ‘Glad to see you back Sir/Miss! It makes them feel more jolly

3. Always keep your supplies organised. This will show the teacher that you really care about your education, plus it will help you keep track of assignments!

4. Be punctual. That being stated PLEASE DON’T SKIP CLASSES! Always being late or not showing up at all is the quickest way to get on a teacher’s bad side. If you do happen to be late, however, explain your reason (if possible, bring a letter from a parent or a pass) and apologise.

5. Don’t go overboard. Be nice but don’t overdo it. A well placed compliment and general courtesy will get you so much farther than being a suck up. Be friendly, but again, not too friendly. Humour can get you far, but jokes at inappropriate times are very detrimental to your status. Find out how friendly you can get with your teacher; be observing how she interacts with your class and the other students. See what advice other students have to give about her. If she is super strict and permits no nonsense, you should be very well behaved in that class. If she seems less strict, try joking around with her, making a few interesting and preferably relevant comments or jokes on the same topic as the lesson, but stop if appears to be upsetting or annoying her.

6. Be polite! Brown-nosing is not appreciated. Teachers are your superiors, and deserve the utmost respect. One of the oldest and best ways to win someone’s favour is to BE POLITE. Let your teacher see that you are glad to be in his/her class. It is as simple as that. Compliments are always good, but please don’t go overboard and be a suck-up. Thank them for the lesson and be very courteous. Remember they are people too, no matter how alien they seem at times. You can offer her help if it appears she might use it, but if she refuses you, do NOT make it a habit, it will only annoy her.

7. Never gossip about the teacher to your friends. What goes around comes around, so mind what you say. Complaining about tests or homework is generally accepted, but personal insults or attacks are a NO. Show interest and thank profusely after the explanation.

8. On special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays and Teachers’ Day, It is okay to give them special tokens of appreciation. It is optional and if you do decide to give a small gift it doesn’t have to be an expensive item; it can be simple or handmade. It should not be anything too personal.

9. Ask questions! Teachers like students who are curious to know more about something. Just do not ask too many questions. One here or there is okay, it shows you are paying attention.

10. If you feel your teacher is frustrated tell her that you hope she feels better.

11. Talk to them! If you have the last class of the day, tell them a joke or something you know will make them laugh. Or when you leave say “Bye! See you later!”. Maybe when you see them walking in the hall wave to them or say hello. Have a good attitude and be confident.

12. Do not bribe the teacher. You may be in trouble if s/he doesn’t take it. However, some teacher may. Better safe than sorry.

13. Some teachers do not enjoy their jobs and nothing can be done about their temper. Don’t feel bad.

7 thoughts on “How to Become Your Teachers’ Favourite Student”

  1. I really,don’t lyk d idea of being a favourite student,bcos wenever d class is boring,he or she keeps luking thru my eyes as if d answers were on my face,but. Wen d class is goin on dats wen u feel sleepy,but d moment d teacher leaves d class,d sleep would leave with him

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