There are “dress codes” and “rules” or just recommendations into looking good.There are plenty of styles to look good in like baggy,hip hop,punk,emo etc…

The Hats

Hats are great accessories for clothing,they help match the outfits you wear.
The brand for good hats is called New Era.Preferably get a snap back.(Just a suggestion.)
There are different ways to wearing a hat.
1.straight forward(normal way) lol
2.Turned slightly to the left
3.backwards with bill slightly showing.


The T-Shirts (Or any top)

Wear a T-Shirt depending on the colours of what other items you are wearing. Ex:Red and Black hat Would match with a red and black t-shirt.
Also,try getting tee’s (T-shirts) with fresh and dope graphics on them.A good tee would have a big and detailed picture on it.


The Pants

I myself wear skinny jeans that are a bit bigger than my usual size so, there would be a tint of “bagginess” in them.Occasionally,i pull out the big guns,which are pretty much half skinny half baggy.
Any How here is the good way to wearing skinny jeans.
1.Black or Denim skinny jeans are the jeans to commonly wear.
2.You may add a plain belt in a certain colour to match your outfit.
3.Put your hands in your pockets.It’s cool.
4.Do NOT wear skinny jeans with checkered or tiger prints on them.(The tiger print ones are exceptional to some people)
5.Wearing White skinny jeans are pretty fresh but don’t wear them alot.


The best clothing feature

The shoes to wear will be depending on the Tightness of the skinny jeans.
If its tight then you should probably wear a low top or a mid top shoe. Good examples are : Vans,Converses,Jordan 5s and Supra Vaiders.
If they’re baggy skinnies than you should go for High top shoes.Good examples are:Supra Skytops,Radiis,some Dravens and high top Converses.


Hats:New Era
Tops:Crooks and Castles,Mitchell And Ness,Bape,Urban Outfitters,Tokidoki
Pants:h&m,Urban Outfitters,Levis
Shoes:Supra,Nike,Jordan,Radii,Vans,Converse,Creative Recreation,Osiris Shoes


1.Don’t match one certain colour.Try matching with more than 1 colour.I usually go for 2.

2.Try to develop your own sense of style.

3.Don’t wear the same outfit over and over again.Try creating new outfits.

4.Look at pictures of celebrities that you like the way they dress.

5.Remember,just because i haven’t mentioned it,doesn’t mean its not good. There are thousands of companies who sell nice clothes.

6.When wearing baggy skinnies don’t wear small shoes like low top vans,go for bigger shoes like high tops