4 thoughts on “Civic Education JSS 1 Second Term”

  1. Your “pass now now” name does not indicate that you are ready to improve Nigeria in terms of proper communication with the use of English. Our predecessors have been backward and you should not make the same mistake. The pidgin English came as a result of hatred and ridicle for the white man in the axis of the niger Delta. Warri to be precise and it does not foster good international and trade relations with both ourselves and people in diaspora. I strongly suggest you do not give in to the pressure of retaining the pidgin English language which poses a big and ignored problem in Nigeria. I strongly suggest you change the name of your site to pass quickly or pass at first attempt or pass right now or some other carefully chosen completely worded sentence in absolutely proper English to underscore the fact that the use of English is actually being taught in the curriculum.

    1. Greetings Greg,

      Thank you for your observation, it is duly noted.
      However, the name of the website is not for the promotion of pidgin English.
      Passnownow was borne out of the need to promote E-learning and to help students who do not have access to schools but can get mobile phones to study on their own.

      Thank You

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