Covenant University Awarded As Nigeria’s Best Higher Institution In 2013


The Centre for Democratic Governance in Africa has proclaimed Covenant University as Nigeria’s Best Performing Higher Institution for the year 2013.

The Chairman of the Centre, Dafe Okpocha, who spoke at the award ceremony, said the university’s emulation of good governance has made it outstanding:

“This centre believes in the practice of good governance and sees to the development of the country. Our aim as an organisation is to preach good governance to Africa and Nigeria in particular. The education environment is not left out of these. If it is not practised in this sector the country is going nowhere.”

Professor Charles Ayo, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the institution.

“Covenant is the leading university both in academic standard and in Godly standard.

“Our drive is to be among the leading Christian mission universities in Africa in the next 10 years. We will consider the university as a failure, if our graduates join the bandwagon of the unemployed looking for job,” Professor Charles Ayo said.

He further added that the University was founded to breed a unique class of people who will make Nigeria a better place. 


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