Davido and Education: Is there a Correlation?

Davido is one of Nigeria’s biggest stars. Ever since he burst unto the music scene with his signature beat and vocals, he has built such a formidable fan base, even as more and more teenagers want to “blow” just like him. These days, many people only associate Davido with chart-topping songs and wealth. But have you ever wondered whether or not he has a university degree? Well just in case you never did, this is the time to talk about the academic attainments of one of your favourite celebrities; shall we?!

As you may well know, the young musician was born into a really wealthy family. Little wonder he attended a  really good private secondary school here in Lagos; the British International School. After graduating from secondary school, Davido gained admission into a private university in the United States of America where he briefly studied Business Administration before dropping out due to bad grades. You see, he was more interested in “blowing” music-wise than “blowing” academically. And I bet his parents did not like that very much.

But Davido later went back to the university after his father allegedly pressured him to. And this time, he enrolled at another private university here in Nigeria called Babcock; the same school his mother lectured in before her demise. Good for Davido, he chose to study Music, channeling his academic pursuit alongside his his passion. And that is a wise decision I daresay, something every teenager should indeed do.  Anyway, he graduated in 2015 and today he is indeed a graduate. How nice is that!

Important Points to note:

1. Education is good.

2. Everyone should be educated because they need to.

3. Be like Davido, study courses related to what you are passionate about.

4. Do not just aspire to “blow”; stay in school and get an education first.

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