The word “occupation” has several meanings, one of which is a person’s livelihood; that regular activity which a person performs for pay. There are several types of occupation in the world today; too numerous to even mention. And the simple truth is that in order to be successful in life, everyone must be successfully engaged in one occupation or the other. What type of occupation do you hope to be engaged in once you grow up? Let us now consider a few of the numerous occupational activities there are.

There are [perhaps] two broad categorizations of all the occupational activities there are. These are the professionalized and non-professionalized occupations. The professionalized occupations are typically those that require people hoping to practice it to be consistently trained and skilled in the particular fields, and as such be able to function optimally in such fields. Professionals spend a long period of time acquiring knowledge necessary for efficiency in their selected occupational lines. This however is not the case for people who are engaged in non-professionalized occupations because such persons may not need to even acquire any level of formal education. A pictorial depiction can be seen in the image below.


Meanwhile, further categorization of the various types of occupation will simply show the different types of professions there are. In every economy in the world, there are some people in the manufacturing/production sector as well as others who are actively-engaged in the provision of services; including financial services. Others are engaged in Administration (both Public and Private), while others simply engage themselves in the arts and culture. To explain further, to have an occupation in the area of manufacturing or production simply means to be directly or indirectly involved in the extraction of raw materials and conversion of same into finished products. Workers in this field include farmers, Petroleum Engineers, manufacturing companies etc. Human services providers include bankers, those working in insurance companies, advertisement agencies, marketers and all kinds of managers; including of course those in the education sector. Administrators are usually involved in the daily running of public and private affairs while those involved in the arts and culture may include everybody from writers, sculptors, artists, photographers to musicians.

Off all occupations, one thing is imperative- the fact that everyone involved in either one is actively contributing a lot. It does matter whether one is the Managing Director of a fortune five hundred company or a cleaner in that same company; their respective contributions go a long way into ensuring economic success. For this reason it is often said that there is dignity in labour. And for this same reason as well should every worker be respected; no matter the occupation he or she is involved.

There are a lot to talk about “occupations.” But for the sake of time, I will conclude by listing out a few categorizations of the major occupation types we have. In the meantime, be informed that in my next article coming right after this, I shall be looking at some of the necessary things teens should consider when choosing a career path.

Creative occupations 

-Technical support occupations

-Manufacturing support occupations 

-Management support occupations 

-Government occupations

-Education occupations related to culture