“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

With the fast-paced world of technological influences, the educational system has become one of the motivating factors in social and economic development that defines the long-term future of society. With the advent of the information age with E-school facilitation, one can see the uncontrolled development of technologies, where education have been the lifeline of the student’s career than it ever was.

Exploring Digital Education:

Really! E-Schools have transformed the way we think and technology can hamper us with the unbelievable ventures. But, the sad part is that people worldwide are not able to take this more and more likely. There may be countless reasons to judge for this attitude.

The teachers and scholars are the ones that need to keep the children motivated and build their self-esteem at this age of digital era because it is necessary to move in full swing to digitize with the E-learning platforms.

It’s necessary to make favorable changes, so that the ladder of success can be achieved during the most difficult phase of education. In the tough phase of new learning, some lessons of interactive sharing can blossom young minds and adults with the idea of equal sharing in class, which can be seen as unfolding in the education industry. Thus, creating the advancement that can’t be matched by lagging behind in terms of technology.

With this new age of development and E-school education, learning has become easier, than before.

Nurturing Education directly to Society needs:

The primary purpose of an educational system is development and sharing, knowledge and social experience of different forms through research & intellectual creativity.

The frame of the curriculum should directly address the students by helping them to overcome the economic and cultural issues of the society and stimulate human development with interactive knowledge sharing. That’s the way to match oneself in culture and solve the societal needs.

Benefits of Digitization:

  • Fostering of candidates in digital landscapes.
  • Education by research with the use of creativity tools.
  • With the new syllabus, introduction to cultural and technological products.
  • Modern education should teach youth to study constantly throughout life.

Ways Digitization has supported overall Education:

Online Courses:

Students have always wanted to learn new trendy things. Teachers with the help of the tools and trends should shortlist the best courses that fit-in for students. Online courses are developed by experts who have unmatched proficiency in their specific field and can give you the experience of real-time learning with the yester statistics.

Online Exams:

It’s all the new phase of digitization with the online mode via computer peripherals, convenient for both teachers and students.

Digital Textbooks:

Digital textbooks provide a whole new atmosphere in which the students have access to multimedia content such as videos, social share, and par PPT presentations.


A student can change his/her mood with the new visual appeal of the interactive content, and many of the needs are fulfilled according to technology. By offering a visual graphic of the topic, students are able to make out a good understandable factor. Even the toughest topics can be presented in a simplified way with the help of animation.

Online Resources and Social Media:

With a sensation of the online media via the internet, online resources are being developed in a way that makes them always available to teachers to educate and nurture the young minds of tomorrow. Which, in turn, improves the quality of education and increases the number of literate students.

How Have Administrative activities benefited?

By keeping the records of students and maintaining their professional statistics like-daily achievements which has always been a big headache, added to the fact that the students outnumbers the administrative heads.

So, colleges and schools are adopting more hassle-free computerized methods and avoiding the old manual methods of maintaining the records. With the ease of the influence in positive affliction, intermediate colleges and schools are adopting more hassle-free computerized methods and avoiding the old manual methods of maintaining the records.

How have Teachers been the effective mediator in Digitization?

Teacher effectiveness is a strong determiner of differences in student learning that far outweighs the effects of class size and heterogeneity. There is always the teacher preparation, that’s the matter with critical thinking in digital schooling.

E-Learning from the E-Schools

As online education has become the favorite of many universities worldwide, it has made the distance between a student and his/her dreams, short enough! Online education is already blossoming in this field.

With the pace in technology, there is less need to attend college or university. E-learning or computer-based training can guide you in multi-directional forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. It also includes educational technology with close leads to best learning options.

Among developing countries that are included as “E-Schools”, it is not surprising to see educational institutions favoring and taking the decision to develop school and colleges, keeping qualities and future of the student, as the primmest.

With this, E-schools are booming with digital design and animation educational training programs. Students can prepare for the career of their dreams. Accreditation is a way of providing proof that the school or college of enrollment can provide quality education.

Technology has provided learning upgrades while they carry on with the advantage of fostering, mentorship and direction, influencing both students and teachers. With this, students can decide that digitized learning is one of the ways to become global leaders and tech sophisticated guys, who can interconnect across different cultures!


The cool part about the digitization of education is combined with the aspects of both; classroom learning and E-learning. With the extended arm, both act as a support system to each other, which gives a stronghold to our modern students.

Digitization in education has also proved to be the right method for saving resources. Online examination platforms have restricted the frivolous usage of paper, directly confining the cutting down of trees. This way the digitization of education industry can be effective with a result-oriented approach, that’s more like a boon to the society.

This article Digitization of Education with advancement in E-School Learning options was written by Manoar Molla and the original article can be found here: https://www.naijatechguide.com/2018/06/digitization-education-eschool-learning.html