Don’t Ever Make This Beauty Mistake!


Correct application of your eye make-up will yield the most flattering result.

Some swear by applying liner after mascara to avoid overdoing the intensity, while others insist mascara should always add the final touch.

So, which order do the experts actually recommend?

“Mascara should come last after eye shadow and liner as you want to keep it clean with no particles in it,” advises Vogue beauty and health director Sigourney Cantelo.

This also helps to achieve a more precise result with your eyeliner: “It’s easier to see where you’re drawing if you have nude lashes,” she says.

Adding mascara at the end also means that any extra eye shadow particles that fall on the lashes will be coated by the mascara, resulting in a more voluminous look.

Tip: Begin by using eye shadow to contour the eye area, before applying eyeliner, then mascara. This will allow you to build the look from the base up so you can work on intensity as you go. Went a little too overboard on the eye shadow? Skip the liner or trade your volumising mascara for one that promises more natural results.


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