Ebola Patients In Lagos To Be Given Experimental Treatment

Eight out of the Nigerians infected with the deadly Ebola disease will benefit from an experimental treatment in Lagos, Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu has announced.

Chukwu, who made the announcement, today at a world press conference in Abuja, said a Nigerian scientist has offered Nigeria the drug, ‘NanoSilver’, for testing on those infected with the virus, following the approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that experimental treatments are ethical in the case of a pandemic.

“A Nigerian scientist has offered Nigeria an experimental drug, hopefully today, that will reach the treatment centre,” Chukwu said.

Although the health minister declined mentioning the name of the scientist, he assured that the health ministry will ensure that the drug is applied in line with international best practice.

The US had earlier sent experimental drug ZMapp to Liberia after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf requested for the drug. Canada has also promised to donated 1,000 vaccines to the affected countries.

Speaking further, the minister dismissed reports that Eboa has entered Enugu. He said no case of the disease was confirmed in the eastern state.

“A nurse who treated the late Patrick Sawyer disobeyed the Incident Management Committee and travelled to Enugu to visit her husband and was later identified with the symptom. But no one has been infected with the virus in the state apart from Lagos.

“As at today’s morning, we have only six contacts in Enugu who are under surveillance.

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