Self-study is the process of studying without the supervision of teachers and parents. A self-study process has a lot of benefits on the development of a child academics.

With the growing rate of technology, students can study without the supervision of anyone. A child can complement the formal education of schooling to learn with self-study through advanced technologies to access valuable learning materials for improvement.

There are various ways or methods a child can adopt to study alone.

1. Read Books and Articles: This is one of the most proven methods a child can adapt to become a self-studier. Books and articles help a child to develop a strong will to study.

2. Use the internet to access educational materials: The internet is a very reliable source for students to get necessary educational materials to Enhance their academic capabilities E.g the use of Google, Quora, Udemy, Passnownow etc. All these platforms are available on the internet for students to access.

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3. Educational Videos: There are educational videos a child can watch on the internet. Educational videos can boost the academic capability of a child because by seeing videos, learning becomes very fun.

4. Read and Practice Past Questions: Self-studying is more effective when you read and practice. It is one of the best ways to develop yourself. Practice past questions to aid your study.

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Advantages of self-study for students

There are many advantages associated with being a self-studier. Let’s run through some of them.

1. Learning without restriction: Students who study alone can learn without restriction. They can easily explore different educational contents that will aid their study.

Studying without restriction will build a child to be very intrigued
about learning.

2. It is fun: Self-studying is fun. Reading alone is advantageous to a student. It is convenient and the students can also learn at their own pace.

3. Explore new things: Self-studying gives room for students to explore new things in the process of studying.

4. Broaden the thinking faculty of a child: Self-learning helps a child develop a smart way of thinking.
It also enables a child to think creatively to approach tests, assignments and exams and gives them an edge above their peers because they have an exposed thinking faculty. This will enable a child to excel in various aspects of life.

5. It builds Child Self-confidence: This is an important advantage of self-studying. It builds a child self-confidence when approaching tests and examinations.

6. Develop study materials: Self-studying enables a child to create relevant study materials that make learning easy.

Self-studying plays a very significant role in a child academic upbringing. We believe from today, as parents, you will encourage your child to adopt some of the methods explained.