They always say school life is the best, oh well I totally agree. Growing up I had most of my interesting days in Secondary school. Above all my adventures in school, I can never forget my tenure as a class captain in junior class.

Alright, let’s take it from the beginning. I was a very stubborn student in school and somehow my class teacher Mrs Uduak felt that it would be a great idea to make me the class captain in order to tame me.

Mrs Uduak summoned me to the staff room that fateful Tuesday morning and said “Oghenekaro, you will be the new class captain of JSS2 C”. The first instinct I had was to beg her to choose someone else because I frankly hated responsibility at that age, being the class captain would prevent me from making noise in class or even coming to school late. I began to panic, I thought of Emeka the present Class captain, I didn’t want to be like him.

Emeka was always punctual, he always cleaned the black board for the teacher, his face, hands and uniform were always stained with chalk dust. Need I mention that he was responsible for organizing the whole class, keeping our books, submitting our assignments and so on. Irrespective of everything, he was the only one who was never flogged for making noise in class.

Whenever we were left alone in class, our teacher would ask Emeka to write a list of noise makers while he or she is away. Of course Emeka always wrote my name and I was duly punished or flogged. Remembering this made me smile, I didn’t mind taking this role, as far as I would get to punish Emeka and his friends for everything they did to me and my clique.

Mrs Uduak said I had the privilege to choose my assistant I gladly chose my friend Anan, he was my perfect assistant. We were a group of four boys in our clique; Karo, Anan, George and Peter which was named “fantastic four”, yes after the famous movie/ cartoon sequel.

I rushed to the class and gave my guys the goodnews, I decided to wait for Mrs Uduak to announce it to the whole class. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Emeka’s face. My plan was to write his name every day in the noise makers list. I was going to deal with him, and teach him a bitter lesson.

Mrs Uduak came to class that morning and announced the new development, everyone was shocked. They never expected that I would be appointed for that position. We all continued our class activities as usual.

I was in charge of the cane, duster, books and everything throughout the class. It was a bit stressful but I didn’t fret, I decided to wait for the free period when I will be the king of the class and of course I would draw up a new roaster and make sure Emeka is in charge of darkening the board on Friday afternoons, when he is eager to play ball.

The timekeeper rang the bell for break time and everyone filed out of the class for recess, except the fantastic four, as usual we had to plan our mischief and we needed to be alone, Anan sat on the desk, George sat on the bench, I stood up and Peter sat on the window slab. It was time to change the rules of the class…


To be continued…