Pubic hair–also affectionately known as pubes–is hair that grows all around one’s genitals. To be more specific, it grows on and around the mons pubis and the general crotch region, sometimes including the inner thighs and the bottom. Basically it’s all up in there. As you probably know, it begins to develop when you go through the magical world of puberty. From that point on, there is no going back.

So why do we have it? 

There are a lot of theories about why we have pubic hair. One claim is that our hair down there works as a barrier against skin on skin chaffing. Another theory is that we have pubes works as a protective blanket for the bits and pieces, at least with female bodied individuals. Pubic hair prevents dust, dirt and other debris from easily entering the vagina or the urethrae (though folks who have a penis don’t have such protection from their pubes).

Is everyone’s pubic hair the same?

Nope! Just like everything else, everyone has different types of pubic hair. Plenty of people who have light hair on their head have dark pubic hair. Many people who have straight hair on their heads can have curly pubic hair. The pattern of your pubic hair can also depend on your race or ethnicity. Basically, pubes are a bit of a grab bag.

Is it bad to remove it?

There are no health benefits to removing pubic hair but there aren’t any real cons to removing it either. However, removing pubic hair can lead to some serious irritation down there. Ingrown hairs are super common after shaving your pubic hair, especially for people with curly hair. Other than that, if anyone ever tells you that it’s more hygienic to remove your pubes, it’s false.

What’s the best way to remove pubic hair?

The best way to remove pubic hair really depends on you. You could shave or wax or use a laser or depilatory creams. From practise and experience, you can tell which is best for you.