Ex Not Invited? Justin Bieber ‘Bans’ Selena Gomez From Birthday Celebration


Justin Bieber turns 20 this weekend and according to a new report he’s scratching his head over who to add to his birthday list. Yes, according to insiders the star is sensationally not inviting ex girlfriend Selena Gomez to his birthday celebrations after she allegedly hooked up with One Direction hunk Niall Horan.

The couple were spotted hanging out in London a few weeks ago and while no romance has even been confirmed, it’s apparently enough to get JB all upset about his ex and now she doesn’t get to party with him and judging from their last hangout session – segwaying through Calabasas – it is going to be a huge disappointment for Selena.

HollywoodLife claim a source told them: “Justin is planning a huge party for his 20th birthday and he has not invited Selena. He does not want her there after she dissed him by hooking up with Niall, which was not cool according to Justin.”

“There will be plenty of hot chicks there, and let’s just say lots of party favours,” the source went on, “It’s going to be off the hook.”

Hot chicks? Party favours? It does sound like it’s going to be “off the hook”.

Whether Gomez makes an appearance or not we’re guessing it’s going to be better than last year when JB was in London got denied entrance to a club and then said it was his worse birthday ever.

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