Eyes are delicate & precious, protect yours! How to keep your EYES safe from harm & injury

Eyes are delicate and precious, Just a touch of maintenance will keep them going for years.”


Sunglasses don’t just prevent crows’ feet from squinting, they also block harmful ultraviolet and other rays than can play a role in the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. Fair-skinned caucasians are at the greatest risk for the latter. Be sure your sunglasses have 100 per cent UV protection. “The blue wavelengths—violet and blue—hit the retina,” says experts.

Eye protection.

Sunglasses aren’t the only protective eyewear you should have. Obviously anyone working around construction, manufacturing—any job with machinery and flying particles, including dusts from chalks in school — must wear eye protection. Also, when you’re working around the house, you should guard your eyes. Even while hanging a picture or plaster, a nail can fly into your eye. Any hardware store sells inexpensive clear plastic eye protection. Get one for yourself

Contact care.

Contacts are a great tool, but they come with responsibility. Be sure to have a pair of glasses with a recent prescription so that if you get any irritation you can change over. Wearing your contacts when your eyes are irritated can turn a simple problem (irritation) into a significant problem (a corneal ulcer). Make sure you care for the lenses properly. “I can’t believe people pop a lens in their mouth and then put it in their eye. That is not a good idea unless you want to be seeing the eye doctor a lot. Make sure your solutions aren’t expired, keep your contacts clean—and keep them out of your mouth.

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