Facebook, Twitter And Other Social Media Shortcuts Worth Knowing


Keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to save yourself some time and typing if you spend a lot of time click-clacking away at your keyboard like I do. The most common ones are somewhat universal (to many applications, at least). Control + P to print, Control + C to copy, Control + V to paste. Saves a ton of time, especially if you’re editing documents (or blog posts).

Did you know that social media platforms all have their own shortcuts to speed up your social media experience? The handy infographic below takes a look at keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google +. So the next time you need to quickly favourite a tweet, retweet it, and reply to it, you’ll know that F R and T are your friends. Less mousing, clicking, drop down menus – bypassing the whole interface can speed up your whole user experience. Give it a try!

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