The Hottest Model of the Year is …….. and She’s Black too (PICTURES)

Her name is Jourdan Dunn and she was awarded "Model Of The Year" at London's British Fashion Awards on Monday.  Below are some of the pictures of this glamorous model at the event. Wearing a black and white design which boasted sleeveless detail and a high-collared neckline The beautiful star effortlessly turned [...]

6 Things Lip Balms are Useful for Other than Your Lips

With the harmattan season almost upon us, now’s the perfect time for a lip balm upgrade. Whether you’re totally over super-sweet flavors or just want to graduate to a tinted version, searching for a new go-to lip treatment can be tough since there are so many to choose from. But did you know that there [...]

10 Ways To Becoming the Next Top Model

Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model, Face of Africa, or Project Runway? All the time saying to yourself "I can definitely do it better than that girl!" Do you fantasize about modeling for Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret, or Louis Vuitton? Are your favourite celebrities InstaModels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and always [...]

Girl Talk!!! Check out 9 wonderful styles to rock your jeans!!!

Jeans are close fitting trousers made of denim or denim-like fabric. They usually have decorative seams that are reinforced with rivets. Jeans typically have pockets that are more for fashion than function. Historically, jeans were work trousers, but today they are part of many women’s everyday wardrobe. The colour selection is no longer restricted to [...]

Look At The Latest Pair of Really Cool Nike Sneakers….They Also Lace Up Themselves!

  October 21, 2015 —Nike made a huge announcement about the magical shoes all sneaker lovers have been dreaming about since forever. According to Nike spokeswoman, Heidi Burgett, the future is now. This pair of sneakers are battery powered, as you may have guessed from the glowing blue light at the soles. But there is [...]

Girl Talk: What To Do To Never Rip Your Hose and Leggings Ever Again

I know that getting a rip in your tights is a total fashion disaster! Imagine feeling high as a kite for killing it with your ensemble, and then look! a rip in your hose - OMG! if only the ground would open and swallow you. It is one of the worst things that can happen [...]

Fashion: Turned Up Jeans is Hot!

Have you caught the bug? The latest fashion trend is to turn up the hem of your jeans to show the in-seam, your socks, or the shoes you are wearing. Whatever the reason may be, this look is trendy, youthful and fresh. And the good news? I have seen both boys and girls rocking this [...]

Fashion: Is Skinny Jeans Officially Over? These Stars Believe So!

It seems fashion is going backward, as it seems to do. The skinny jean may be giving way to flares which is a major throwback to the 90's. Flares are typically cut extra-long, so they look best with heels, which immediately gives you a dressed-up look.            To get some inspiration on how to [...]

Duck Face Is Over! The New Selfie Face is Fish Gape!!

Do you take selfies? If Yes, you must have done the duck face - it involves pressing your lips together into a pout, and sucking in your cheeks. That's a duck face. But that's over, duck face is over and out! The new selfie face is the fish gape, it is basically simple - slightly [...]

Girl Talk! 4 Super Common Hairstyles Every Secondary School Student Can Relate With

We’ve all been there. For those of us who have attended secondary school or are still there, we can relate with some of these hairstyles. Some hairstyles can be pretty annoying and some just make you look fabulous. Here are some of the common hairstyles: 1.      Suku /Shuku (Shoo-Koo): I think everybody's grandmother (in the [...]

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