How Students Can Effectively Revise For Their Examinations

Students can exercise their body, like someone once said that, Physical activity is very important, in particular during intense study time. Even going for a small 30-minute jog after a day of revision will make a huge difference to your wellbeing. Physical activity increases heart rate which makes the blood circulate faster. This in turn [...]

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How Teens Can Pass Their Essay Examinations with Flying Colours

Although the subjects and the occasions may vary, the basic steps involved in composing an effective essay under strict time limit are essentially the same. Know the material or topic: the most important step in preparing to take an essay exam begins weeks before the actual exam date: Keep up with all assigned readings, participate [...]

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Here are some of the things Students should be taught about Public Speaking

Public speaking is one essential skill every student must endeavour to possess. It is needful throughout one’s academic pursuit and will be also be useful even while one is finally engaged in the corporate world. Unfortunately, many young people in Nigeria can hardly speak fluently before a crowd. And this is mainly because schools fail [...]

Students! How You Can Enjoy Your Next Holiday

Students are getting jittery that their examinations are drawing near, and on the other end, they are getting excited that they would soon observe their holidays. As much as I wish you success in your examinations, I intend to prepare you for your next holiday such that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Some [...]

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The Holidays Are Here, Check Out Some Ways You Can Have FUN!!!!

The Holidays are here already, here are a number of fun activities you can do plus you've been in school for a number of months now and you need to have fun and also relax or take a little break from school work. For the next few weeks, no more school so what exactly can [...]

5 Holiday Jobs a Teen Can Do to Make Money

Blogging & Other Online Jobs: Every teen can enjoy their holiday and make money by getting involved in blogging. Like noted, Online jobs for teens that are good at writing include producing articles that you could sell to online businesses or you could even create your very own blog. If you create a blog, [...]

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5 Practical Truths No One Told You About Money

A lot has been said already about money, such things like: "Money makes the world go round" "Whoever said money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop" "Money is the root of all evil" and as many as you can come up with.  While the aim of this post is not to debunk or [...]

How To Identify Your Customers as an Entrepreneur

The science of knowing who your customers are is called market segmentation. It is the process of breaking down your customers into segments that share distinct similarities. Also, many business analysts encourage business owners to look beyond market segmentation and towards knowing who their non-customers are, and why these are not buying from them. But for [...]

Why You Must Remove Earrings, Other Metallic Objects Before an X Ray Exam

Ever been to a radiologist for an exam, and told you would have to remove all metallic substances from your person? If you watch the Medical TV series, House, you would have come across the episode where a man felt he was being pulled apart after he was placed in an MRI machine. The reason? [...]

How Can I Decide What My Future Career Should Be?

The path to deciding what career you would pursue in the future usually starts in SS1 in most schools, where you are ferried off to Science/Technology, Commercial or the Arts depending on how well you performed in your Junior School Exams. But how can you be so certain you are on the right path? Also, [...]

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