I deem it necessary to let you be in the know of the memory types that there is from the get-go so you can learn to harness its potentials effectively.

First of the list is 1.) Procedural memory which is the memory of knowing how to do things, followed by the, 2.)Propositional memory which is the memory of knowing what to do

3.) Working memory: This is an extremely short-term memory no more than a few seconds long. In conversations, this enables you to remember the beginning of a sentence until the speaker gets to the end. It enables you to do and keep several things in mind at the same time. It is situated at the pre-frontal cortex. You can watch Television and eat at the same time with this kind of memory.

4.) Implicit memory: This is the memory associated with muscle activities like bicycle or car driving, swimming or football playing and is often called muscle memory. This is exemplified while driving, in which case you still be discussing or lost in a thought and yet get to your destination successfully. Those of you that drive cars are familiar with this.

5.) Remote memory: This is the memory feat exhibited by Game show masters. It’s the lifetime accumulation of data of a wide variety of topics. It diminishes with age and spreads around the cerebral cortex. Though such diminish might be as a result of retrieval problem. Older people might need to work harder sorting things out of so much accumulated knowledge than the younger ones.

6.) The Episodic memory: This is created in the hippocampus and is the memory of specific personal experiences or memory for particular event. This could be about the new friend you met at a party yesterday or last month, or the end of a movie you saw.

7.) Semantic memory: This is the memory of words and symbols and what they mean and it is the kind of memory most likely never to be lost. An example is corporate trademark or religious symbol. It represents our general knowledge about the working of the world.

In all of this, bear in mind that virtually all kinds of memory can be improved, whether you are good at remembering names, faces, facts, data or numbers, you can improve them if you are willing. If you eventually do, you would be surprised at what you can do and will equally amaze yourself while you get emancipation from all such embarrassments as forgetfulness.