Chances are you’ve been studying Chemistry all wrong…if you’re a Chemistry science-inclined student that is. But you cannot afford not to study this all important subject the right way. It is indeed a very important subject and the way you go about studying determines how well your performance and mastery of it will be. That is why

[although] I was never a science student, I had to research a bit to find out the creative ways students like you are going about studying Chemistry. Thank me later guys! In the meantime, read up please…

READ YOUR CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK BEFORE GOING TO CLASS: You’ve probably been told the importance of reading ahead of each class; right? Well, the importance of this when it comes to studying Chemistry is said to be twofold. It helps students prepare ahead of each Chemistry class such that they get to familiarize themselves with topics’ contents. This ultimately makes it a lot easier for students to flow along with making the class much easier to follow. Students can then consolidate that knowledge and use class time to raise important questions.

ENDEAVOUR TO UNDERSTAND RATHER THAN MEMORIZE OR CRAM:  It is never advisable for students to merely cram their textbooks and regurgitate during exam as my beloved lecturer would say. Instead, it is important much effort and focus towards understanding concepts rather than memorizing every last detail. Agreed, cramming may become important every now and then, but understanding first should always be the goal.

USE FLASHCARDS: Chemistry is replete with Chemical Symbols, Chemical Formulas and very [interesting scientific language. Your ability to correctly interpret all of these concepts correctly is your key to success. Many students fail Chemistry in WAEC, NECO and JAMB just because they underestimate the importance of understanding the intricacies embedded in it. And one of the surest ways to learn these intricacies (formulas, symbols etc) is to have a study card. Once you have created a good set of flashcards containing the periodic table of the elements and formulas, learning become much easier.

Chemistry Card

PRACTICE DAILY:  One of the best ways Chemistry is constant practice. Solving equations and practical problems should be a feature part of your study routine. Test your knowledge with sample Chemistry tests on a regular basis. This will prepare you for your exam and assesses your level of understanding of Chemistry to date.  it is also important to go to the lab as often as possible. There is no substitute for hands on experience.