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Five Tips that can Help Students to effectively Recall what they Study

It can be utterly frustrating to spend several hours studying only to enter the exam hall and not be able to remember one thing you have studied. This is a situation many students (especially teenagers) find themselves in. the experience can be similar to having your memory completely blocked off even as you wonder what happened to all those sleepless nights of reading and then reading even more. Indeed it can be frustrating. But what if we told you that they are simple tips that could help anybody who find themselves in this kind of situation? Of course there tips to help out as you can see below-

  1. Try itemizing the things you hope to assimilate. This is important because human beings tend to recall more of items. They are repetitive and as such easily comprehensible to the senses and therefore making learning easier.
  2. When memorizing a piece of information as you study, continually ask yourself: how can I recall the information? Asking yourself this will enable you assimilate said information in a manner that it can be easily reconstructed.
  3. Real information is remembered more than abstract ones. This is because, it can be pictured and pictures are more remembered than words. Visual memory is very strong and that is why there is emphasis on visual learning tools like diagram, chart, sketch, cartoon, learning maps and graphs. The brain goes through hard time remembering abstract ideas or isolated facts.
  4. Much like it does with pictures, the brain tends to store other things very well; things like patterns, rhymes and stories. Mnemonics is a Greek word for memory aid in which experts find ways of linking isolated facts or abstract ideas with something they already know or with a picture, pattern, rhyme or story which is easier to remember. Using any of these can help you to remember whatever you study.
  5. In order to remember well, it is also important to create strong associations, connections or hook between what you are studying and real life circumstances/phenomenon. Information linked to things you already know or with a hook becomes easily remembered. Linking new information you are learning with the old one you remember is also a way to build understanding. However, if you can’t find logical connection any other method adopted for remembering can serve. If the link is illogical, make it crazier, wackier or wielder. The more bizarre it is, the easier it is to remember. In other words, if you try to remember that water at sea level boils at 100 degrees centigrade, and 100 happen to be the ending part of your phone number, you can remember this abstract number by imagining , throwing your phone inside boiling sea.

We hope these tips help your studies. Tell us how well in the comment section…

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