Forgetful Students Should Drink More Water


Are you a forgetful student? Do you often experience migraine and headaches? How about that sluggish feeling? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you just need to increase your water intake to revive your brain function.

It is known that 85% of our brain tissue is water. Hence, water is a vital component for the smooth function of our brain. And according to research, if a person is dehydrated, his brain releases a hormone called cortisol that have shrinkage effect to the brain which then leads to the deterioration of the cognition function of brain and decreases its memory power.

Inadequate water in brain is also the culprit of being forgetful, restless and sluggish. Migraine and headaches are also prevalent when our brain lacks water.  So never ever let your self get thirsty because you are making your brain shrink, become restless and forgetful.

Most of us can not comply with the recommended 6 to 8 glasses a day, but if we will only put a bottle of water within our reach, then we can possibly consume at least six glasses daily. Likewise, to increase your water intake, you can put some lemon juice and little sugar to make a flavorful drink.

Remember that by drinking water, you are also helping your mind to be active and healthy. And the next time you tend to be forgetful or if you hear someone saying that he or she always forgets, maybe drinking water can do the trick.

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