There is a need for you to change your mindset from being mediocre while you make effort to adopt an optimum learner’s mindset. In the list below, you can learn about the optimum learner’s mindset, but do well to let them form part of your belief system.

According to Samuel I.O., the mindset of optimum learners’ is such that:

  1. Making mistakes and occasionally appearing foolish is the price they pay for learning and improving
  2. The point of a question is to get them to think not simply to answer it
  3. They are in school to learn to think for themselves, not to repeat what their textbooks and teachers tell them
  4. They believe that nobody can teach them as well as they can teach themselves
  5. Merely listening to their teachers and completing their assignments is never enough
  6. Subjects do not always seem interesting and relevant, but being actively engaged in learning them is better than being passively bored and not learning them.
  7. Few things are potentially difficult, frustrating or frightening as genuine learning, yet nothing is so rewarding, empowering and fulfilling.
  8. Not everything they are assigned to read or asked to do is equally important
  9. Exams or test scores are just subjective opinions; as a result if the same subject or course is handled by different teachers, they perform differently.
  10. How well they do in school reflects their attitude and their method or skill, not their ability.
  11. Failing an exam is just a feedback of a method, skill and attitude that don’t work.
  12. Failure or poor performance is not a lack of intelligence but a lack of motivation which is the result of an absence of challenging goals. They set high grades as their one of their goals.
  13. If they are learning for grades or for the approval of others, they are missing the satisfaction of the process and putting their self-esteem at the mercy of things outside their control.

I hope you gave your time to evaluate this belief system properly, don’t just stop at this, make it a part of you and you would be able to get the best of learning.