It can be frustrating to be a girl in this world especially when you’re not the stereotypical type. Here are 5 unfair assumptions people will make about you just because you’re a girl.

Girls Can’t Be Good At Maths or Science

One of the biggest assumptions about girls is that they are really bad at maths and science, or any kind of scientific thinking at all. That’s so untrue! Fact is, girls can be just as good, if not better, in these subjects.

Girls Are Bored By Video Games and Comic Books

Why are video games and comic books considered a “guy” thing? Why can’t they be for everyone? Girls like these things just as much as dudes do, and it’s unfair to assume they don’t. Just like when it comes to sports, a lot of people assume girls are only into video games and comic books to get attention, which is absurd.

Girls Are Relationship-Crazy

A lot of people think that all girls have one goal in life: to find their perfect soulmate and get married. Basically, they believe that all girls just want to find true love. Sure, a lot of women do feel this way, but so do a lot of guys! It’s important to note that not every girl wants this, though. There are plenty of girls out there who aren’t 100 percent focused on being in a relationship and who actually enjoy being single. Let them live!

Girls Hate Sports and Don’t Know Anything About Them

Ugh, I’m so sick of hearing the statement that girls can’t be as into sports as guys can. It’s so ridiculous. Girls can and do love sports, but even when that happens, guys claim they’re only doing it to impress men. Uh, no. Get over yourselves, please.

Girls Are Always On A Diet and Obsessed About Their Bodies

If you only learned about females by looking at women’s magazines or watching ads directed towards women, you would assume that all girls spend the majority of their time thinking about how to lose weight. A lot of people assume that girls are always on a diet, that they’re always feeling guilty about eating, and that they are always thinking about their weight. This isn’t true. There are plenty of girls who are happy with their bodies and aren’t interested in changing.