Girl Talk: The 6 Most Annoying Texts Guys Send & How To Respond

A lot of the time, especially when it comes to crushes and dating, it can be really frustrating… especially when you’re dealing with a dude who sucks at texting.

Believe me, there are plenty of them out there. There are few things more grating than getting annoying texts from a guy you like and having no idea what’s going on. That being said, here are the 6 worst, most annoying texts guys send and tips on how you should respond.

No Response At All

Ooooh boy. The no response-r. These are not fun at all.

How To Respond: You don’t want to be like clingy dude up there, but if a guy simply stops answering you out of nowhere, you have two choices: you can start ignoring him yourself or you can send one more text saying, “Is there everything okay?” If you do that second option, make sure you wait a few hours or even a whole day… he really could be busy. If he doesn’t answer that, leave it. Don’t send question marks or more texts asking where he is. He’s obviously not worth it.

The One-Sided Conversation Texts

THIS IS SO ANNOYING. This is the guy who texts you all the time, yet never has anything to say. You try to have a convo, and you all get is short answers with no questions at the end of them, so you barely know how to respond. He’s so boring in texts, but he’s different in person.

How To Respond: If the dude stinks at texting but is great in person, maybe stop texting so much. If you really want to text, you can ask questions and do all the work. But that’s kind of annoying. Your best bet is to just not talk about anything substantial via text.

The Vague Blowing You Off Text

Few things are worse than when you finally make plans with a crush and then he… blows you off with a vague excuse at the last minute. It’s not usually a good sign when this happens.

How To Respond: If you want to try again, respond with a solid answer like, “That’s cool! Are you free Thursday?” If you just say, “Can we reschedule?” he’ll most likely continue being vague. If you give him a specific date, you have a better chance of making new plans. If his answer to that is vague ( i.e. “maybe), let it go. He’s probably not interested.

The One Word Texts

Similar to the one-sided convo guy, one word texts are kind of the worst. What makes this different is that he doesn’t try to initiate a conversation AT ALL. You’re the one texting him first, and this is how he responds. If it sounds like he’s disinterested, it’s probably because he is.

How To Respond: Back off a little bit. If he never texts you first and only gives you one word responses when you text him, try ignoring him for a while. If he wants to talk, he’ll text you. If he doesn’t, he won’t. Then you’ll know.

The Unwanted Sext

Ughhhhhh. All you want to do is have a cute convo with this boy you like, and this is what you get. No, you don’t want to send a pic.

How To Respond: Unwanted sexts need to be dealt with firmly and quickly… if you try to play it coy or act like you’ll do it one day, he’ll never leave you alone. You can try saying something flirty like, “If you want to see me, you’ll have to see me in person.” Or you can be honest and say something like, “Sorry buddy, not gonna happen!”

The Clingy Text

A cute guy turns awful when he gets super clingy and needy. If he won’t let you go five minutes without answering, that’s just plain annoying.

How To Respond: Don’t feel like you need to explain yourself to him! Respond when you’re ready and be like, “What’s going on?” rather than a flirty hello… that should get the message across that you’re a little annoyed. If he keeps doing this, just be like, “Whoa calm down lol.” Or back off altogether if you really can’t deal.

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