There is nothing wrong in showing ‘so much’ affection to someone, and sometimes, compromising on your standards so as to make the person feel happy. However, it becomes a problem when that person is taking advantage of you.

It can be hard to recognise when someone is taking advantage of you, especially when that someone is who you really like. We all want to believe the best about people, even more so when it comes to our crush or our significant other. Sometimes, our gut notices these signs and tells us that something is wrong, and we choose to ignore it because we don’t really want to believe it.

No one deserves to be taken advantage of, and if the person you trust is doing that to you, you need to leave the relationship asap. Read on for 7 signs that tell you a guy is taking advantage of you, and if he is? Kick him outta your life.

1. He Won’t Make Things Official But Expects You To Act Like You’re Official
This guy refuses to be your boyfriend, but he wants you to act like you’re his girlfriend. He expects you to be around whenever he needs you, and he wants you to be when he needs to talk – but he never shows he cared in any other way.

2. You Only Hang Out On His Terms
You both hang out when he makes plans… usually in the last minute. When you ask to make plans, he will either ignore you or say he is busy. Once you’re hanging out, you only do what he feels like doing – he never does what you want to do. If this is happening for you, it’s a bad sign.

3. Everything Is Always About Him
Does he ever ask you how you’re doing? Does he ask about your day and genuinely care about the answer? Is he ever concerned with your feelings? The one taking advantage of you will always be the one to dictate the mood. He wants you to be happy when he’s happy. You guys hang out when he feels like. You can talk about him and his problems, but never yours. Take note of this stuff.

4. He Always Asks For Help Even If He Doesn’t Help You
Sometimes a guy isn’t taking advantage of you for sex – sometimes he’s doing it for something else you have. That could be money, or a car to ride around in, or even just someone to lean on whenever he’s feeling lonely. I have a friend who dated a guy who clearly only kept her around so she could give him a ride and lend him money when he needed it. He NEVER did anything for her. A relationship is a give-and-take thing. If he asks for help, he should be willing to give it to you when you need it.

5. He Flirts With/Sees Other Girls
One huge sign that he’s taking advantage of you is if he flirts with or hooks up with other girls while keeping you on the side. This means he just wants you there when he wants you. That’s selfish and gross.

6. He Never Goes Out Of His Way For You
Does he ever help you without being asked? Does he ever do nice things for you without complaining or without you having to beg him? Does he make compromises for you? If he doesn’t, get rid of him.

7. He Wants To Hook Up Every Time You’re Together
A real relationship is about a lot more than just hooking up. So, if a guy is using you for sex, he’s going to make everything about sex all the time. What are your hangout sessions like? If they consist only of you going over there, starting to watch a movie, hooking up, and then leaving shortly afterwards, that means he’s only in this for sex.