What do girls want? To be taller. How do they make that happen? Walk in high heels.

Fact is, heels, like cigarettes and excessive alcohol consumption, are one of the “we-know-it’s-bad-for-us” adult privileges that teen girls haven’t earned. And there are worse things than having something to look forward to – even if when you get there, you decide you don’t want it.

For teen girls, flats shoes are way more comfortable and better for your feet. Seriously, heels are the worst. Here are reasons:

1. You can’t really do anything when you’re wearing heals
Even if you’re good at walking in heels, you’re going to be slow.

2. You definitely can’t run away from anything
Hint: Heels are a male invention to make ladies butt look smaller and harder for them to run away!

3. If you start to wobble, you’re most likely going down
Like 95% chance.

4. If the bottoms aren’t scuffed properly, you’ll fall
That’s why you should never wear new shoes on a slick surface.

5. They can cause serious foot injuries
That’s definitely not a good thing

6. They can also put severe strain on your knees and other joints

7. They’re unnecessarily expensive
I mean why should you pay high price to be uncomfortable?

8. They can actually cause your body fatigue
If you’ve ever spent a full day in heels, you probably felt tired for a few days

9. Not wearing them is just better
Take those shoes off!

You really don’t need back problems, fallen arches, or hammertoe. Especially that your bones are growing and developing.